Situated at the poolside and beachfront of the resort, relax and enjoy an evening with a glass of wine from our selective Wine Collection, and be captivated by the unmatched view of our colorful sunset. Start your evening party with cold beers as Montani Bar offers “Happy Hour” that starts during 4:00pm to 7:00pm daily.

White Wines

1 dl. White wine Chardonnay

Chardonnay, Hardy’s
Rich melon and peach flavours

Pinot Grigio 12°, Le Contesse, 2013 
Intense acacia parfum and grapefruits aroma

Soave Classico, Le Argille, Venezie, 2010 
Fragant harmonious of fruit aroma

Trebbiano d’Abruzzo 12°
Generous, with floral fruit aroma

Merlot bianco 13°, Foffani, 2012, 
Intense parfum, distinctive Merlot bouquet

PROSECCO, Pinot Chardonnay
Intense aroma of grass and white flowers

Champagne, Veuve Durand, brut réserve
Intense aroma of grass and white flowers

BELLAGIO, Sweet Italian wine 

SOJU  Fresh Chamisul, Jinro from Korea

Red Wines

1 dl. Red wine Shiraz

Shiraz, Hardy’s, Black berry flavors

Merlot, Hardy’s
Tannins, with fruits flavors of cherry

Cannonau 13°, Bellamico, 2011
Distinctive ethereal bouquet from Sardegna

Chianti 12,5°, Rocca, 2012
Intense parfum of forest fruits

Cabernet Sauvignon, 12°,2013
Intense fruits parfum aroma

Negroamaro 12°, Puglia, 2012
Fragant harmonious of fruit aroma

Sangiovese, Fantini 12,5°, 2012
Gentle floral notes

Malbec, Misterro 13,5°, Argentina, 2013
Intense parfum of forest fruits, very generous

Gesto Malbec 14°, 2013
Sophisticated intense and strong wine, oak flavors

Nero d’Avola 12,5°, Sicilia, 2012
Fragant harmonious of rich fruit aroma

Primitivo Salento, 13,5 2013
Spicy component of ripe red fruits and Jasmin

Merlot Cabernet 14°, Torridoro, 2012
Sophisticated intense and strong wine, oak flavors

Primitivo di Manduria 14°, 2012
Rich with intense floral aroma

Ripasso Valpolicella 15°, 2012
Wonderful, intense and very strong wine

Barolo, 2007
Garnet-red distinctive ethereal bouquet